We perform at least three concerts a year in various venues around the Furness Peninsula.  Our concerts are anything but ‘formal’ – we are amateur musicians performing for our own enjoyment and hopefully to bring some pleasure to our family, friends and the public.  We hope that our enjoyment of the music shines through in our performance.

Furness Music Centre’s Community Orchestra

Each concert will feature our Community Orchestra and Community Choir, with appearances from time to time from our Chamber Groups.  The Training Orchestra may also make an appearance in the concert, or they may entertain you as you arrive for the concert proper.  We will also serve you refreshments before the concert and at the interval.  Our concerts often take a theme such as A Night at the Cinema featuring some of the great film music written over the past 80 years.  There will also often be ‘classical pieces’ – pieces that you will probably recognise since so much classical music is used in advertising, film and television.  We also make guest appearances at other events, such as the South Cumbria Music Festival Gala Concert as shown in teh photograph above.

You can go to the Recordings page to hear some of the pieces that we’ve performed in  past concerts