Welcome to Furness Music Centre

We are a true community music centre in the Furness Peninsula in South Cumbria, catering for all ages and ability of people who want to make music with others.  If you already play an instrument you might want to join our orchestra.  If you used to play an instrument and its now on top of your wardrobe, you might like to get it out again – our Training Orchestra mixes children and adults learning to play instruments with people returning to playing an instrument after many silent years!  You don’t have to play an instrument to join us – our choir welcomes anyone and everyone.  If you sing already that’s great; if you’ve wanted to sing but never had the opportunity, just come and join us.  You don’t have to be able to read music – we can teach you all of that anyway!

We also have a session where people can get together in smaller groups to play chamber music – our string group play quartets and trios with between three and six people, and we would be very happy to host other small ensembles. The fees for our instrumental and choral sessions aren’t expensive, and if your financial position means you can’t afford to pay, then don’t worry – we’re a charity and will happily consider reduced or free membership.

We meet on a Saturday morning in term time under the experienced leadership of Richard Bagnall our Director of Music, and Liz Wiejak our Choral Director to have fun and make music together.  We welcome all ages from 8 to 80, and all abilities from brand new learners to experienced musicians.  We have several people experienced in arranging music, so we can always produce an easier part if you’re a beginner.  And while we would love to have a new bassoonist or french horn player, you don’t have to play a recognised orchestral instrument – several people have brought their saxophones along; we’ll adapt a part for you!